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Production Support

We Know How to Design for Manufacturing Efficiency

Our team is skilled in developing production processes that are executed in a manufacturing environment. Sufficient raw materials, tools, and staff are procured as necessary to fabricate the new product according to plan.

Some of What We Do...

  • Design and Setup of Production Facilities
  • Production Hand-Off
  • Program Control and Logistics
  • Program Launch Assistance
  • Purchasing Systems Requirements


Production readiness and launching requires a seamless transition into critical data systems.

The transition to production isn't complete without the implementation of critical systems that manage and maintain your inventory as well as drawings, test and financial records, suppliers, and other components. You can rely on us to take your new vehicle, engine, subsystem, or component through the full cycle from conceptualization to production.

What We Do

  • Analysis, Design, and Validation of Systems and Plans
  • Computer-Aided Design Data Management
  • Design Failure Modes Analysis Using Various Tools and Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Part Timing and Tracking
  • Program Timing and Milestone Tracking
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