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Aggressive Concept Development That Meet Your Needs

The success of a program depends on the stability of the foundation laid during development.

Creating Concepts That Meet Your Needs

The success of a system depends on the stability of the foundation laid during development.

Specialized Vehicles, Inc. happily takes on challenges in every project we are part of. We offer support for the entire life cycle of a product from business planning and development to engineering, testing, and production.

Our team’s primary focus is to deliver a high level of performance and provide quality services, including safety, marketing, and advertising conceptualization. We also strive to develop a wide range of ideas, such as:

  • Vehicle Platforms
  • Vehicle Suspensions
  • Drivetrains
  • Full Vehicles
  • Non-Vehicles
  • Power Plant


The support and simplicity of a single partner to guide and execute your end-to-end agenda is vital. Connect with engineers who know how to start a plan that will help realize your concept.


You can count on us to find the best solutions for you using the applications we have in hand. We use unique, computer-based synthesis programs to generate new structures. This search process allows us to provide our clients with new and optimized structures that address highly complex design constraints.

Development and Engineering

Development and Engineering

Our engineers are dedicated to providing efficient, effective, and reliable services. The deeper we can look inside the science behind the machine, the better we can make it.



Designers who do not understand the transition to production cannot perform as efficiently and cost-effectively as those who do. Our team can handle various projects of different sizes competently.



Renewable energy is our future, and the time to think about how we power vehicles is now. Valuable work has already been achieved with liquefied natural gas and propane.

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