Your destination is closer than you think.

In the automotive, trucking and transportation industries, advanced engineering is always about the destination. That distant point on the horizon. And if you don’t need us to enable that journey, Specialized Vehicles can certainly help you get there faster. We are a full-service concept development firm offering cradle to grave support for the entire product life cycle, from business planning to development, engineering, testing and your transition to production.


You need the simplicity of a single partner to guide and execute your end-to-end agenda, and every concept begins with a plan. Partner with engineers who know how to start with the plan.


Long before investments are made in prototypes and tooling, feasibility must be confirmed.


The deeper we can look inside the science behind the machine, the better we can make it.


Designers who do not undestand the transition to production, simply cannot perform as efficiently and as cost effectively, as those who do.


Renewable Energy is our Future

The time to think about how we power vehicles after oil, is now. Valuable work has already been achieved with LNG and Propone.

However, we are believers in DME (Dimethyl Ether), whose time is now.