Our work with more than 500 Clients is in no uncertain terms, top secret. That said, nothing prevents us from sharing our excitement about DME. Read on.

Volvo Trucks Raises GHG Phase 2 Alert Göran Nyberg, Volvo Truck North America president, is concerned that the upcoming Phase 2 round of GHG regulations could push back ... May 18, 2015
California Awards $15M for Alt-Fuel Trucks The California Energy Commission has approved nearly $15 million in grants for several projects that will fund ... May 15, 2015

UPS Rolls Out RNG Fuel Delivery Trucks United Parcel Service (UPS) will begin using renewable natural gas (RNG) in its fleet of delivery vehicles and tractors after signing ... May 6, 2015
When Will We See DME-Powered Trucks? Although interest in alternative fuels has cooled down a bit as diesel prices have dropped, supporters of dimethyl ether, or DME, still believe the ... April 2015
Volvo AB’s Persson: safety and sustainability driving product development LOUISVILLE, KY. Some 900 people packed a meeting room at 7:00 a.m. Friday morning for the 25th annual Heavy-Duty ... Mar 30, 2015
California green-lights Oberon’s new DME fuel In California, Oberon Fuels announced that DME is now approved for use as vehicle fuel in the state of California. This latest approval ... March 2, 2015
California Dimethyl Ether Multimedia Evaluation Dimethyl ether (DME) is a new fuel that could help address environmental and fuel security issues. DME can be produced from a ... February 2015
The developing DME market: What it means for LPG Developments with a renewable fuel similar to propane have LP gas industry leaders weighing the benefits of a partnership and considering ... January 15, 2015
This fuel of the future is already powering Volvo trucks Dimethyl ether (DME) could be the fuel of the future, and Volvo Trucks of Greensboro has vehicles that run on it in place of ... Oct 23, 2014
Mack to offer DME-fueled Pinnacle in 2015 Mack Trucks will follow its sister company Volvo and offer a dimethyl ether (DME) tractor to customers, beginning in ... Jun 21, 2013
DME from Natural Gas or Biomass: A Better Fuel Alternative DME is an excellent diesel cycle fuel (high cetane). It is easy to store and to transport, as it liquefies at low pressure & no ... June 2013