For any alternative fuel to be viable in cost-conscious environments, and road transpotation in particular, then it must be clean, safe, practical, economical, and well-supported with parts and fuel.


Emmissions In recent testing, DME engines have proven their ability to operate with ultra-low exhaust emissions, and extremely low CO2 emissions in particular.


DME is an inherently stable compound. As an engine fuel, it has the relative advantage of much lower liquid storage pressures. For example, at ambient temperatures DME is a liquid at 60 to 80 psi. CNG, on the other hand, must be stored at more than 3000 psi.


With a Cetane number of 55 to 60, DME has been been proven to meet or exceed the operating fuel efficency of diesel. In addition, DME:

  • Has high well-to-wheel efficiency,
  • Has higher thermal efficiency, and
  • Operates with better ignition characteristics

DME also enables vehicle weight reductions that further maximizes efficiency

Fuel Supply

Companies such as Oberon offer standard production units. These portable plants produce as much as 11,300 gallons per day, and are specifically built to service local or regional fleet vehicles that return to their home base for fueling, or move between company-owned hubs. DME can be produced at costs that are competitive with current diesel prices, which are on the rise.


With this much of a baseline in place, parts supply is the task at hand, for engine modification kits we develop for your fleet. Given current market conditions, DME roll-outs will require some degree of vehicle retrofit strategies. As such, SVI is ideally positioned to execute or support the actions required to move your fleet forward.

A. Engine Development

  • Combustion optimization
  • Emission development and certification
  • Component refinement and cost
  • Reliability and durability demonstration

B. Fuel Infrastructure

  • Fuel certification
  • Infrastructure build out starting with local fleets
  • Process refinement: efficiency & cost

C. Conversion

  • Parts suppliers set-up and validation
  • Part and Kit Sourcing
  • Set-up of retrofit operations
  • Retrofit center operations management