As a new transportation fuel DME has many benefits that drive a compelling business case:

  1. Burns with no particulate matter and minimal NOx
  2. Sulfur-free
  3. Price competitive with that of diesel; not tied to the price of crude oil
  4. Meets or exceeds strict emissions standards
  5. Low engine noise
  6. Highest land use efficiency of any renewable fuel
  1. No spark plugs required
  2. High well-to-wheel efficiency
  3. Compression ignited, resulting in higher efficiency
  4. Safe, rapid dispensing, similar to that of propane
  5. Lower operating pressures mean lower risk
  6. Spillage will not contaminate soil

And relative to diesel, DME is superior in many ways

  1. Simpler engine results in lower maintenance costs
  2. Higher cetane number (55-60)
  3. Higher thermal efficiency
  4. Smaller tanks and engine weight reductions increase payload
  5. Better ignition characteristics
  6. It's clean
Its cetane rating and a boiling point of -25ºC provide fast fuel/air mixing, reduced ignition delay and excellent cold starting properties – two key advantages for DME’s use as a road transportation fuel.