The Beginning

Originating in 1969 and incorporating in 1972 under the name of Specialized Vehicles, lnc. (SVI). Our focus was to support the very successful Chrysler Engineering Racing effort. We approached conventional engineering problems in an unconventional manner. Emphasis was on real-time performance that operated under the mantra "Just Do It" long before it became an ad slogan. 

Racing Leads to Engineering Services

Our success in the racing world led to recognition throughout the automotive industry, tackling challenges ranging from engineering concept development to production and assembly. We even handled the advertising and marketing aspects to design, engineer, test, build and sell vehicles. Our involvement and reputation in the industry rely on a single, basic premise: The results are never in question. We will succeed. 

Concept Development

In our early years, the primary focus was performance and later to develop a wide range of concepts including power plant, drive train, suspension, platform and full vehicle as well as safety, marketing and advertising conceptualization. We designed concepts for manufacturing, assembly, and service and have handled requests to independently evaluate methods of production and assembly in order to find ways of reducing cost and improving performance.

Customers enjoy our ability to take on challenges by our assemblage by a unique and relevant group of talents and skill sets. Our team attacks the given task and overwhelms it with competence in design, engineering, development and production implementation.

40+ Years of Experience

Almost 8,000 programs later, our 550 plus clients have come to voice their appreciation of our work because we "Just Do It".

We are just as comfortable working abroad as we are from our USA facility and work hard at creating and maintaining alliances throughout the automotive world. Our goal, regardless of where our clients are based, is to work closely with those who share the same focus on efficient engineering design and implementation without jeopardizing quality or profitability.

Centrally located in the heart of the automotive community near Detroit (Troy, Michigan), our engineering, build rooms, test labs, dynamometers, and prototyping facilities are all housed under one roof. We have the capability to design, build and almost every component required in vehicle concepting. In the event something is needed that reaches beyond our immediate physical facilities or capabilities, a network of suppliers in the metropolitan area can swiftly react.

Being totally immersed in automotive development for decades, we have an intimate contact with leading edge technical awareness. Supporting our clients, both nationally and intemationally, has offered a distinct advantage by giving them a Direct Detroit Connection at their fingertips.